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Strategy & guidelines

At University of twente we use Social media to extend traditional ways of communication with our target audiences. 

With our social media channels we would like to provide informational and educational posts that increase the positive image of our university. Transparency is key; get a look 'behind the scenes' and please ask us your questions. Communication on our social platforms is a two-way conversation, so we will reply as soon as possible. Via social media you can get in touch with both employees (the social media team) and students (our Social Ambassadors and managers of the country specific social media accounts).

We won't post any external advertisements or promotions for commercial products, services, entities or individuals. Our channels will only contain content which is relevant to our target audience. 

4 questions to ask before starting with social media

Looking for ways to start with social media for your own target audience? Ask yourself the following questions before you begin: 

1. Why do you want to use social media? 

Are you creating a social media profile "because everyone has one" or do you have specific objectives in mind? Never set up a social media account, just to have an account.

2. Who is your target audience? 

With whom will you be interacting in social media? Current students or prospective students? Researchers or scientists? What are the demographics of your prospective followers and which social channels do they use? In what topics is your target audience mostly interested? Figure this out to find the right platform and type of content.

3. Do you have the content to sustain a presence or would it be better to benefit from a collaborative promotion on central accounts? 

Social media is an engine which needs fuel: content. Make sure you have the resources to create and publish new content on a regular basis, but also to respond to messages you receive. In case you are unable to meet these requirements, you might want to reconsider creating your own social account and rather benefit from the reach of our central accounts.

While it is not set in stone, the following guideline for posting frequency for the three most popular networks might help you in this: 

  • Facebook: 1-3 times per day
  • Twitter: 8-24 times a day
  • Instagram: once a day 

4. When is the use of social media succesful? 

What is your social media's most important metric? Do you want to increase your online reach or drive more traffic to your webpage? Think about some KPI's to be able to decide if social media are worth the effort.

Still convinced you should create your own social media account? Check out some best practices for social media in general, best practices for UT accounts and information about tools for monitoring & webcare.