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Tools for monitoring & webcare

There is a great variety of tools available for social media monitoring and webcare. On this page we explain what tools we use and suggest some options and tips for our students & staff.

Central UT team: Webcare & monitoring with Coosto

In 2015, after a intensive period of research, testing and selection, the UT started using Coosto Global for monitoring and webcare. Later Kennispark Twente joined. Coosto used to be a Dutch tool but went global in 2015 by adding more and more international sources. 

The central UT social media team uses Coosto for monitoring, publishing calendar, generating reports/analyses and webcare. Data from Coosto is sometimes also available on public social media dashboards (especially on information screens in buildings or during events).

Students and staff

There are free tools available online like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Features may be very limited compared to the large (and expensive) tools, but for most users and small organizations the free version may be sufficient. 

For students and staff there is a great deal available online. The Dutch universities offer a (almost free) licence for Coosto, one of the largest professional social media tools in the Netherlands. Coosto is also available in English. You can get the student/staff licence for Dutch universities go to, the IT webshop for all Dutch educational organizations and log in using your university account.

You can also monitor online news sources outside social media channels, but as far as we know the news sources are not available for global news (Dutch only). 

Requesting reports

If you need a social media report on some topics, the social media team can help. Please ask the Marketing & Communications account manager in your department to help you formulating the right questions first, then the social media team can assist you. 

Google Alerts & UT press Report

If you need to monitor more on your department, project etc, you may want to try Google Alerts. Google Alerts offers a notification by email if a keyword (your name) is added to a website, blog, news, etc.

The UT offers a free press report service (daily or weekly). This email sums up all news articles where the UT has been mentioned.