Sending express mail


Express mail will be sent by the Central Mailroom via DHL, Worldwide Express. If you hand in an express item at the Central Mailroom before 15:30, it will be registered and collected by DHL Worldwide the same day. Always clearly indicate that the item must be sent by express mail, as well as the insured amount.

The following information should be written on the envelope when sending documents:

Write your address details in the upper left-hand corner.
The full delivery address. Please note: no P.O. box numbers.
The telephone number of the addressee.
If possible, fax number and email address.
Content of the shipment.

When sending goods, an invoice must be attached. This invoice is completed by an employee of the Central Mailroom. The following information must be provided to the Central Mailroom.

  • Sender.
  • Delivery address.
  • Your email address (for track and trace).
  • Content of the shipment.
  • The weight and size of the shipment.
  • The (non-commercial) value.

Delivery method

Express items can be submitted for the 1stor 2nd mail round and must be placed in the special blue mail bag at the Service Desk. The Service Desk will make sure the blue mail bag is collected by the Logistics driver to be taken to the Central Mailroom. Always clearly indicate that the item must be sent by express mail.

Delivery time

On working days, the delivery time for national express items is, in the morning from 09:00 to 12:00, and before 17:00 in the afternoon. Please note that the earlier the letter arrives at its destination, the higher the rate. If you do not indicate a time, the assumption is that the item must be delivered before 17:00. International express items require more time in some countries. These delivery times can be found on this website:


The costs for sending express items can be requested from the Central Mailroom.


This service is carried out by the Central Mailroom of the Mail and Logistics Department. The staff of the Central Mailroom can answer any questions by email and/or by telephone.


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