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Procedure for changing e-mail address

  • changing primary email address
  • adding / removing secondary email addresses (aliases)
  • changing preferred address

Every employee and student receives a login account from the UT. This also includes an e-mail address (ending on or, respectively). We call this e-mail address the primary e-mail address. As a rule, this primary e-mail address cannot be changed anymore. In special cases (e.g. in case of an error by HR, CES or LISA) this rule may be deviated from.

Employees can also have an email address added (an email alias). We call these aliases secondary email addresses. The maximum number of secondary email addresses is set at 4. Some rules apply for secondary addresses:

  • (a part of) the last name must be included in the e-mail address; the first name, or at least the first initial, must be included in the e-mail address.

An employee may indicate which e-mail address will be the preferred address. The preferred address is used as the sender for sent e-mail, so this is the address seen by the receiver. The primary e-mail address is the preferred address by default. If an employee wishes, the secondary e-mail address can also be set as the preferred address.

For changing the primary e-mail address (in exceptional cases) and for adding or removing secondary e-mail addresses or changing a preferred address, please contact the LISA ICT Service Desk.

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