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The Sports Centre is the organizational center for all sports on the beautiful Campus. The back office deals with everything that has a link with sports at the University of Twente. The Service Desk employees will help you with all your questions about sports on campus. 

The Sports Centre itself has accommodations that are suitable for several indoor sports. There is for example a complete Fitness Center, there are two large gymnasiums, several gyms, a climbing wall and a boulder wall, a dojo and also a swimming pool. 

And there are also facilities that are important before, during or after exercising. There is a great canteen, there are spacious locker rooms with showers and plenty of lockers where you can store your personal belongings. 

Offered medical services at the Sports Centre are a dietician, medical fitness and a chair massage. Topvorm Twente, practice for (sports) physiotherapy, has one of their branches here. All swimming lessons are provided by the UT ZwemSchool and the Sports Dome is responsible for the grant funds for all the student sports associations at the university.