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The Archive & Document Management department (ADM) manages the semi-static and historical archives of the University of Twente, such as the archives of the Executive Board, University Council and faculties. It is also responsible for transferring archives that need to be retained permanently to the Overijssel Collection in Zwolle. 

Some of the university archives from the period 1962-1984 are transferred to the Overijssel Collection (access number 0381.3). One of the archives is the Delegated Building Curator (1961-1972). The access number is 0381.1. The inventory can be consulted on the Overijssel Collection website.  

ADM itself manages a growing number of a collections of former professors, such as H.H. van den Kroonenberg, A. Duijvestijn and I.S. Zonneveld and other former faculty members, such as student pastor J. de Jongh. ADM also houses the archives of study and student associations and staff associations. In addition to paper archives, ADM also manages a collection of books, photographs and documentation, and a growing collection of artefacts and objects. 

  • Atlantis Archive Portal

    The Atlantis Archive Portal make historical archives accessible and searchable. New and existing inventories are continuously added and made accessible for you. Documents can be requested for reference at the university or scans can be made.

    Searching archives may not be something you do every day. We like to help you answer your information request. You can contact us please fill in this webform.

  • Digital archive of THT/UT-Nieuws 1963-1995

    The paper archive of UT-Nieuws (now known as U-Today), which covers the period from 1963 to 1995, has been made fully digitally accessible to all those who are interested. Thousands of pages of university news were scanned and added to the Overijssel Collection. This digitisation project was led by the ADM Department, and funded by the Twente University Fund. For more information, see the article Digital dig through UT history in U-Today (7/9/2021).  

    The volumes dating from 1963 to 1995 can be found in the Overijssel Collection website under inventory number 1761.  

    U-Today has provided its own archive since 2012 

    Click here for more information

    U-Today has provided its own archive since 2012

    *Click on the picture to visit the website.

  • Project Oral History UT

    Interviews with former students

    In 2023, the ADM Department began the Oral History project, in which approximately twenty former students from the very beginning (1964-1973) were initially interviewed about their time studying at the university. Marjan Beijering (History Lab) is supervising the project and conducting the interviews.

    LEEN NOORDZIJ (147:29):

    ANNEMIE BONGERS (61:42) 

    Podcast serie Campus Walks  

    Five former staff members and members of the University of Twente pensioners’ association GEWIS are also interviewing a number of former students. Expert assistance from the LISA Video team is provided by Martin Bosker, who has also conducted several interviews.

    Campus Walks

    The podcast series Campus Walks, created by Martin Bosker, is also very interesting.

    ing. M. Bosker (Martin)
    ing. M. Bosker (Martin)
    Senior ICT-, Telecom & Multimedia specialist

    More information on the Project Oral History UT, see the news item Project Oral History UT (7/11/2023)

  • Historical study collection EWI

    Study collection EWI 

    The EWI Historical Study Collection is housed at the Ampère Foundation. The collection was amassed from 1979 by the then Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EWI). This extensive collection of computer equipment, audio and video equipment and measuring instruments is managed by an enthusiastic group of former staff. They look after the collection and have set up display cases for this vintage equipment in various buildings throughout the campus. 

  • Boot Collection University Library

    In 1999, the University Library received a donation from a Dr J.A.P.G. Boot (1905-2006): a valuable collection (approx. 16,000 volumes) on the history of the Twente textile industry and a collection of sixteenth-century and seventeenth-century city books, including a Blaeu atlas. Dr Boot obtained his doctorate in Rotterdam in 1935 with a dissertation on The cotton industry in Twente, 1830-1873. Dr Boot lived and worked for much of his life in Tasmania, where he built up this collection. In 1996, he was awarded with an honorary doctorate by the University of Twente for his contribution to the history of the Twente textile industry. Boudewijn Büch’s visit to Tasmania in 1990, during which he visited Dr Boot and examined his book collection extensively, is particularly noteworthy. That episode (15/1990) of De wereld van Boudewijn Büch (the World of Boudewijn Büch) is still available on YouTube

    YouTube video 

    A person in glasses in front of a bookshelf

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    15 (1990) De wereld van Boudewijn Büch - Tasmanië 

    17 juni 1990 - Aflevering: TasmaniΠ
    Niet gevonden bij Beeld en Geluid 
    Wel gevonden in een de Koninklijke Bibliotheek te Den Haag. 
    Uitzenddatum is niet 17-06-1990 maar 17-10-1990. 
    Büch is op bezoek bij Tom en Helen Dunbabin in Dunalley. Buch gaat met 
    een open vrachtwagen door de bush naar de plek waar Abel Tasman aan 
    land kwam op Tasmanië. Interview met Roelf Vos die nadat hij zijn 
    supermarkten had verkocht een compleet Zwitsers dorp 
    (Grindelwald Village) opzet voor de Tasmaniërs. Op bezoek in een museum 
    op zoek naar de Tasmaanse tijger, Buch krijgt in een magazijn een paar 
    opgezette exemplaren te zien. Ook nog een interview/bezoek aan dr. Jan 
    Boot welke al sinds 1938 woont op Tasmanië, bekijkt in de Blaeu altas 
    naar kaarten van Australië en Tasmania. 


    More on physical book collections 

    The University of Twente offers various physical collections of literature for study and research purposes, as well as some special collections. Collections can be found mainly in the Vrijhof, as well as in Langezijds and the so-called Educafés. 

    Online information can be found here

  • Historical Image Bank (Beeldbank)

    Images of student life on campus throughout the years, portraits of noteworthy professors and staff members, photos and videos of exceptional moments in the history of the University of Twente. All that and more can be found in the University of Twente Image Bank

    A building with balconies and a post

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  • Canon of UT

    The canon of the University of Twente was begun in 1948 with the establishment of the Twente University Fund, which will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2023. The canon provides a colourful but incomplete overview of the rich history of the university. Did you know that the inventor of WiFi studied at the University of Twente? And why does Abe Lenstra feature in the canon? 

    Click on the picture to visit the website.

    The Canon of UT can be found on the 
    alumni website
  • Academic Heritage foundation

    This year, 2023, the University of Twente became a member of the Academic Heritage Foundation (SAE). The University of Twente was one of the last universities to join. For more information about this membership, please see the news article on U-Today (28/10/2022). 

    Information about the University of Twente can be found on the website of the foundation, as well as a blog about academic heritage in Twente. The SAE website can be found at:


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