UT workstation for employees

The UT Workstation can be seen as a package of ICT facilities, software and hardware. UT employees requiring a UT Workstation for his or her job, may be eligible for this type of package.  This package of ICT facilities is offered in different ways/options.

This is therefore not a free choice.

  • Description
    • Desktop;
    • High-end Notebook;
    • Allround Notebook;
    • Ultrabook.

    In the event that, on account of technical restrictions, the employee requires modifications to the current UT Workstation, this can be modified in consultation with the faculty and the account manager of LISA.

  • Requests

    If, as a new employee, you are given a new position for which a UT Workstation is not yet available, you can request a new UT Workstation. You can do this with your faculty's approval. You can request a new UT Workstation from the ICT Service Desk.

  • Costs

    You can find more information about the costs of this service on the self-service portal

  • Conditions

    To be able to request a UT Workstation, you:

    • have to have a UT employee registration;
    • have to have an approval issued by the head of the faculty in charge of budgets;
    • have to not yet have a UT Workstation available to you, whilst that is a requirement for the position you will occupy.
  • Delivery

    In the event of replacement and delivery, the new UT Workstation is supplied within two days.

  • Support

    For support, use the self-service portal and the manuals. Should you have any other questions or should a fault occur, please contact the Service desk ICT.

Please visit the Self Service Portal to order hardware
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