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WebDrive makes it possible to reach your UT documents while you are working at home and/or on your mobile device. You can reach your data by using Finder, Windows Explorer or a mobile device with WebDAV app (e.g. GoodReader, WebDAV Navigator).

It is not possible to copy big files, like CDs or big programs; maximum file size is 50 MB. If you want to upgrade this can be done through using the MS Fix-it or by changing the registry yourself and restart the webclient-service.

Connecting through web browsers like Internet Explorer and others is not possible!

To reach your data, you use a WebDAV protocol. There are several WebDAV clients for different platforms (Apple Mac OS, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux). Because the data is transported via internet, you can reach your data nearly everywhere.

Before you get started

This manual has been written for Windows 10. It is possible that the images for other versions of Windows are slightly different, but the steps are nearly identical. There is another manual for Mac and mobile devices.

This manual uses a consistent style of writing: references to text and buttons on screens are printed in italics, information that you have to enter yourself is printed in bold.

WebDAV through File Explorer


  • Click This PC.
  • Click Map network drive.
  • Click below Map network drive .


  • In the field behind Drive, select a capital for a server that is free (e.g. W:).
  • In the field behind Folder, enter
  • Select Reconnect at logon.
  • Select Connect using different credentials.
  • Click Finish.


  • In the first field, enter UT email address.
  • In the second field, enter the appropriate password.
  • Select Remember my credentials.


  • The W: drive you created is protected by a secure protocol called SSL.

SSL is used on millions of websites for securing the internet connection, like online sales, financial transactions and personal (private) information. All sensitive information will stay secure during transport and is not readable by other people.

  • No UT VPN connection necessary.
  • Aspnet_client folder has no content
  • Home folder = M-Drive.
  • Org folder = P-Drive
  • UT folder = U-Drive

BE CAREFUL: The data file size is limited at 50 MB max.


Could not reconnect all network drives. (This problem always occurs after restarting the PC.)

  • In File Explorer. This PC.
  • DoubleClick on the red crossed marked W: drive. This will take some time.
  • When an error occurs just DoubleClick the W: drive again till the login box pops up.
  • Check your login credentials and click OK.

This is a Microsoft Windows network drive issue.

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