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The University of Twente has recently established contracts with De Bondt Grafimedia Communicatie B.V., effective from November 1, 2023, and extending for a period of three years, with the possibility of a one-year extension. The agreement, stemming from a European tender, mandates that all printed materials falling within the specified category must be produced by the contracted supplier starting from November 1, 2023.

All printing and graphic design activities should be ordered through the UT Marketing & Communications department. This could be flyers, posters, magazines, business cards, etc. Within the University of Twente, the Traffic department is the point of contact for designing and printing roll banners, flags, corporate gifts, brochures, magazines, flyers, posters and so on. You can also contact them with any visual identity related questions. If you have a question or would you like to place an order, complete the form below. Your request will be processed within 2 business days.


To guarantee best service and fast delivery, we only accept orders through the form below. Order by email or phone cannot be handled.

  • Delivery specifications, pricing and lead time
    • Delivery specifications


      • Upload a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) with the desired text in it.
      • It is the client's or requester's responsibility to check for contents, grammar and typos.
      • Do you need writing support when it comes to profiling UT (i.e. research or education)? Contact one of our text writers we are currently working with. If text needs to be translated, contact one of our translation partners. Both text writers and translation partners are our preferred suppliers.


      Logos/word marks:
      Download the approved and available logos and word marks via our templates and downloads page. The filetype always has to be .eps or .ai.

      I made my own layout:
      Team Traffic will check if your design is ready to be printed and if the layout meets the guidelines for the UT visual identity.

    • Pricing

      We offer a pricelist for the most common paper sizes, weights, and quantities. Feel free to check the prices in this list. Should you have specific preferences regarding paper or finishing, please reach out to our traffic department. By default, we recommend the eco variant (Balance Silk), as it incurs only a small additional cost, aligning with our climate goals.

    • Lead time (11-18 business days)

      Design: 5-7 business days

      We outsource every design assignment. Our freelance designers work for the UT on a daily basis. Therefore, they know our visual identity very well.

      • First, the designer will estimate the time that is needed and how much it will cost, so you will know if it fits into your budget and schedule.
      • The concept will be sent to you. Several rounds of corrections are common.
      • If some of the input does not meet the requirements (see Delivery specifications), Traffic will notify you as soon as possible. This way you have enough time to send new input.
      • Skip this step if you need a reprint of an excisting product that does not need to be changed.

      Print: 5-10 business days
      Date of delivery is always mentioned on the order confirmation, which team Traffic will send to you. How much time it will take until the product is ready strongly depends on the quantity, the product itself and finish. The amount of days a print company needs to produce flyers or posters will be much shorter than, for example, a book.

      Delivery to desired location: 1 business day

      The suppliers deliver the packages to the Central Postal Office.
      Most of the time the package will be offered by the internal mailman the next day.

  • Online documents need to be accessible

    As from 23 September 2019 every document you want to make available to visitors of your website, has to meet the accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1). This means that every document on a website needs to be readable to all audiences, regardless of any disability.

    In short, you need to be aware of the following: 

    • Designers need more time to be able to add paragraph styles, code layers and properties. How much time it will take depends on the content quantity.
    • When creating the input for text, you should add an alternative text to (informative) images and photos. In other words, a short description of what can be seen on pictures and logo's.

    More information about this regulation can be found on the page Accessibility of websites and online documents.

  • Advice and urgent requests | contact

    Contact team Traffic if you would like to share your ideas or want to discuss further possibilities.

    Do you want to know what size pictures need to be on websites or social media, or how to upload them? Visit (a new tab will appear) or contact Servicedesk Online Media.

    Servicedesk Online Media
    Servicedesk Online Media
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