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On 1 October 2021, the new UT tender for translations came into effect with the following three translation partners: Taalcentrum-VU, Metamorfose Translations, and Translavic Translations. We are happy to continue our co-operation with Taalcentrum-VU and are confident that our two new translation partners will meet your expectations.

Do you need a translation of any text, academic or non-academic? Our translation partners will be happy to help you! We have made solid agreements on quality, rates, and customer service. Below, you can find more information on our partners and their rates.


We have agreed on fixed rates with our partners, so you will know what to expect and there is no need for complex quotation procedures. You can find a pdf file with rates under each partner's information below. Once you have sent a translation partner a request for a translation with a project number to which the job can be invoiced, they will get started straight away.

Three partners, three different approaches

Each partner has their own field of expertise, approach and pricing strategy. If you are unfamiliar with any of them, we recommend you try out every partner to see which one suits your needs and expectations best. That being said, they all meet the criteria set by UT regarding quality, the ability to translate various kinds of texts, and the use of UT's English style guide and UT's list of educational terms.

Information on our three partners

Click on a translation office to discover their rates, terms of delivery and how to place an order.

  • Taalcentrum-VU


    Taalcentrum-VU is an academic translation agency that specialises in translations for the higher education sector. Our translators are all university-trained and have years of experience in the world of translation. Taalcentrum-VU stands for high quality, consistency, reliable delivery and personal contact.

    Some examples of the work we do for clients in the world of academic research and higher education:

    • Educational texts such as exams, syllabi and study guides
    • Popular scientific texts, press releases and interviews with researchers
    • Legal translations such as education and examination regulations (OER), appeals and objections
    • Academic articles across the research spectrum (engineering, medicine, social sciences, the humanities and fundamental research)
    • Financial texts such as budgets, financial statements and annual reports
    • Technical documents, including IT manuals
    • Grant applications and research proposals
    • Policy texts such as long-term visions, progress reports and strategy documents
    • Promotional and marketing copy, Bachelor’s and Master’s brochures and alumni magazines

    Need a translation?

    Send your text to and we’ll get to work for you right away. We will contact you as soon as possible and let you know when you can expect the translation.

    Project co-ordinator
    Voske op het Veld
    Voske op het Veld
    project co-ordinator


    The turnaround time will depend on the length and complexity of your text. Do you have a deadline that you want us to take into account? Do you need the translation urgently? Please let us know.

    The rate for a translation from Dutch into English is 18 cents per word. The rate for editing an English text is 8 cents per word. 

    Here you can find an overview of rates for other language combinations:

  • Metamorfose Translations

    metamorfose translations

    Higher education is our main specialisation. On a daily, basis, we provide translation services to four research universities, four universities of applied sciences and a range of umbrella organisations in higher education in the Netherlands, including Nuffic and VSNU.

    We offer these institutions a team of fifteen internal translators and editors, divided into several specialist groups (Education and Science, Government, Legal, EU and Commerce). For each customer we compose a dedicated translation/revision team who invest in getting to know you and your communication needs. The translator is always a native speaker of the target language.

    We are aware that translation for the University of Twente involves a very wide range of texts for a wide variety of target groups. Our principal aim is to provide texts in a natural and accessible style that accurately reflect the source but are not recognisable as translations. Of course we always use the English Style Guide and the List of Translated Educational Terms of the University of Twente.

    need a translation?

    If you send us your text by email (, you will receive an itemised quotation within two hours (and even earlier in the case of an urgent request). Your dedicated contact at Metamorfose Translations is Aline van Dijken.

    Desk manager
    Aline van Dijken
    Aline van Dijken
    Desk manager

    rates and delivery

    We offer a rate of € 0,18 per word for translations from Dutch into English and € 0,08 per word for editing. For an overview of our rates, take a look at the table below.

  • Translavic Translations

    Experienced in translations for higher educational institutions

    Translavic is an independent, ISO 17100- and ISO 18587-certified language service provider with a strong focus on high-quality translations and solid co-ordination of translation assignments. The company employs 20 in-house language professionals and co-operates with a highly skilled and motivated team of more than 800 native language professionals located throughout Europe and its neighbouring countries.

    Written translations comprise the largest part of the linguistic services provided by Translavic. Over the years, Translavic has trained its linguists to adapt the style and tone of their translations to the specific content type and target audience, and to adopt the relevant terminology. Whichever type of text you would like to have translated or edited and whichever target group you intend to reach, our project managers will select the translators, revisers and editors with the appropriate expertise.

    After receiving a translation request, our dedicated project manager clarifies the requirements, prepares the file(s) for translation, writes instructions for the translator and reviser and gives them access to applicable sources of reference, terminology lists and style guides. After the reviser has checked and delivered the translation, the project manager carries out a final quality check to ensure that the translation complies with your instructions and wishes.

    Via Translavic, you will have access to a pool of translators who have earned their stripes in translation for various higher educational institutions in Europe and who are experienced in adapting their work to different target audiences inside and outside of universities, including students, staff, researchers and the general public.

    A selection of the types of texts that our translators, revisers and editors are well versed in:

    • Research documents
    • Scientific publications, academic texts
    • Journalistic articles
    • Study guides and brochures
    • Educational texts, syllabi
    • Communication aimed at attracting students
    • Information for (international) students
    • Website and social media updates
    • Marketing copy and press releases
    • Employment conditions and vacancies
    • Internal agreements and procedures
    • Examination regulations
    • Grant applications
    • Financial translations (e.g. annual reports or budgets)
    • Technical documentation and manuals
    • Administrative and legal texts

    How to submit a text for translation

    Your regular contact person Liam Gilchrist and backup Joanna Boruc are ready to take care of your translation assignment. Translation requests can be sent to the dedicated email address at For general inquiries or questions/remarks about translation assignments, we are also available by phone via +31 548 65 76 72.

    We look forward to making language work for you!

    Project manager
    Liam Gilchrist
    Liam Gilchrist
    Project manager

    rates and Delivery

    Our project managers always do their utmost to meet your deadline. For translation volumes of between 250 and 1500 words (source language) the whole process takes roughly two working days. Volumes of up to 250 words can often be delivered on the same or next working day. The turnaround time depends on the requested language combination and the nature of the text (subject and complexity).

    If you need a translation within a shorter time frame, it may be possible to divide the work between multiple translators to expedite the process. In such cases a single reviser will be assigned to revise the work of the various translators, to ensure quality and consistency.

    Translation from Dutch into English and vice versa costs € 0,18 per source word (translation including comparative revision by a second linguist and quality check by the project manager). The rate for editing an English text is € 0,10 per word. We offer our translation and editing services in all languages of Europe and its neighbouring countries. Do not hesitate to ask your contact person for the applicable rates.

    For an overview of rates, click this link:

Questions or complaints?

If you have questions about a translation assignment, please contact the translation office concerned. Every translation partner has a contact person for the University of Twente.

In case you are not happy with a translation, despite providing a clear source text and instructions, we kindly ask you to contact the translation office yourself first, since you can explain most accurately why you are not satisfied with a translation.

However, if you are unhappy with how your complaint is handled, if it takes too long to process, or if you simply cannot reach an agreement with the translation office, please contact the UT Language Centre contract co-ordinator:

dr. K.P. Middel (Kim)
dr. K.P. Middel (Kim)
Co-ordinator of translations and editing

Language policy

English is the primary language of communication at the University of Twente. For more information about UT's Language Policy, our English Style Guide and our list of terms used frequently, please click the following links:

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