Conditions governing use of the Zilverling/Educafé lockers



  • The locker unit in the central hall of the Zilverling/Educafé has 29 lockers.
  • The manager is M. ten Bulte, office Zi. 1082.
  • Students may only use one locker for the duration of one month.
  • Students may not claim lockers. The lockers are opened by the manager regularly and empty lockers are released for use. The manager may also ask users to empty their lockers if improper use is suspected.
  • The locker system uses data stored centrally. By using a locker, users agree to this.
  • The University of Twente reserves the right to amend these conditions at any time.
  • The system monitors use of the lockers. If a locker has not been used for one month, it is blocked and released for use by others. The user will be informed of this in advance in order to prevent blocking.

Locker users are expected to abide by the following rules:

  • If the locker is not needed for a period of time, it must be released by the user.
  • Items that are flammable, or which could cause a nuisance otherwise, may not be placed in the lockers.
  • If your student card has been blocked (because you have quit your studies, for example), then the card or app will not work either. The locker should therefore be emptied before the card is blocked.
  • If a user does not empty a locker in time,  the manager will store any items left behind for a maximum of three months.

Improper use

The user of the relevant locker will be held liable for any damage to the lockers or to the property of others.

Questions or problems?

If your student card is not working or in case of another problem with the lockers, please contact the manager, M. ten Bulte, office Zi. 1082, or report to the Carré Service desk in hall B.

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