House rules University of Twente

Meeting outside office hours?


The campus of the University of Twente is a private property that is open to the public and where normal (traffic) regulations apply. The UT campus is a great location for parties and events.

However, parties and events must satisfy some conditions in order to guarantee safety and compliance with environmental provisions. This protocol lists what measures must be taken when a party or event is to be organised on campus.

This and a few other regulations that are related to the specific character of the campus area are illustrated below.

Campus security

Our campus security ensures that the house rules are enforced.

Phone number: (+31) 053 489 2134.

house rules

The purpose of these rules is to safeguard order, neatness and security at the UT. They apply to every person on campus.

Short overview

  • Meetings after (office) hours

    Group meetings (>20 people) after office hours need to be registered. In some cases BHV (emergency response team) is mandatory.

  • Parties & events

    Our Party and activity protocol describes all the necessary measures you need to take, in order to throw a party or organise an activity on Campus. E.g. during student parties the music may not be heard outside the campus area. Campus Security will ensure the enforcement of the regulations.

  • Pets

    Pets cannot be taken into the buildings.

  • Eating and drinking in the lecture rooms

    In general, food and drinks are not allowed in lecture halls.

  • Working conditions and environmental regulations UT

    A document on the UT working conditions and environmental regulations is available at our Service Portal on the Health and Safety page -> Organisation and information.

  • Smoking

    From 30 March 2020 the entire Campus, excluding the residential area, will be smoke-free. For more information about a smoke-free campus, please visit

  • Fishing regulations

    Fishing licences (in Dutch) for the campus ponds are only issued to staff and students of the university.

  • RPAS (drones) use on campus

    The UT uses the drone regulation to ensure that the use of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) by UT employees and students is done in a responsible and safe manner.

    External parties who want to fly with an RPAS on the UT site (even if it is on behalf of the UT) must have a permit (ILT).

    Application form

    If you intend to use an RPAS on the University of Twente site, you have to complete the drone activity application form for flying a drone. You will be contacted depending on the activity indicated on the form.


    If you have any questions, please contact the HR-HS safety expert.

Complete overview 

Practical implications of the act ‘partial ban on face coverings’

On 1 August 2019, a ban was introduced on face coverings on public transport or in and around government, healthcare or educational buildings in the Netherlands.

This means that from now on, on our campus you may no longer wear clothing that makes your face unidentifiable by completely covering the face or leaving only the eyes visible. This rule applies to the entire campus, in and around the educational buildings. A campus is a place where public services are provided and personal interaction is a vital part of this provision. It is therefore essential that people are able to see each other clearly and recognise each other.

At the University of Twente, we strongly believe that we should hold each other accountable in a friendly and respectful way in cases where an individual’s actions are not in line with the code of conduct. This means that if someone is wearing face-covering clothing on campus, we can request to uncover the face.

The role of security personnel and police
If the person covering their face does not respond when approached by a fellow campus user, security personnel can be alerted. The security guard will ask the person concerned to remove the clothing that covers the face or to leave the campus. If the person does not comply at the third time of asking, the security guard will have no option but to call the police.
Where does this rule apply?
This rule applies to the campus as a whole, with the exception of the residential areas and buildings with a long-term ground lease (e.g. Coop, Starbucks). The parties that manage these buildings are responsible for enforcing the rules there.