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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

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At the Faculty eemcs we strive to create a safe learning, working and social environment. an evironment where everyone Can feel at home and has equal opportunities to develop their full potential.

We are aiming to foster an open-minded and inspiring community, by working on a strong inclusive culture. We want to create common ground and proud collective ownership, strengthening the capacity of the University of Twente and our own faculty. That is why we created our own DE&I team, consisting of staff from different layers of the faculty.

DE&I covers many themes, all of which we as faculty would like to address. Yet we consciously choose to focus primarily on the themes of communication and education.

For questions and/or suggestions feel free to contact the DE&I team via dei-eemcs@utwente.nl

DE&I team

The DE&I team of the EEMCS faculty consists of a core team that meets regularly and is assisted by a sounding board group. The DE&I core team consists of the following members:

Experienced unacceptable behaviour?

If you experience unacceptable behaviour, like intimidation, (sexual) harassment, aggression, violence, discrimination, bullying or stalking, or when faced with a conflict in your work situation connected to such behaviour, please contact your manager and/or HR Advisor. You can also talk to a confidential advisor for support if you feel more comfortable doing that. 

More about the confidential advisor
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Reach out

Do you have suggestions for the DE&I team or want to know more about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion within the EEMCS faculty? Feel free to contact us.