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Welcome to the OBP Women's Network at the University of Twente!

We are proud to be a vibrant community of administrative and support staff women dedicated to strengthening our position within the university. Our goal is to create an environment where women can grow, develop, and thrive in their careers.

At the OBP Women's Network, we organize events that focus on three key areas: information sharing, skill development workshops, and networking opportunities. We believe that by addressing these areas, we provide a holistic approach to empower and uplift OBP women.

Starting from 2023, we have introduced a new approach. Each year, we will focus on two themes that encompass all three areas. This enables us to provide in-depth and targeted support in specific areas that are important to us as OBP women.

We invite all OBP women to join our network and take advantage of the opportunities we offer. Together, we can amplify our voices, empower ourselves, and make a difference. Let's build an inclusive and supportive community for OBP women at the University of Twente!