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Researcher Hanneke Kip wins Overijssel PhD Award 2022

Today Hanneke Kip of the BMS faculty won the Overijssel PhD Award 2022 for her thesis. Her research aims to better understand how eHealth interventions can be deployed in the treatment of people with a history of aggression and sexual misconduct. She was awarded the prize today during the 61st birthday celebrations of the University of Twente, the Dies Natalis.

Kip’s research showed that technologies such as virtual reality, mobile apps and online modules offer great promise in forensic care, provided these technologies are properly developed, implemented and evaluated – ideally in close collaboration with patients and treatment givers, which increases their impact on treatment practice. Her research showed that virtual reality interventions and mobile apps can shift the focus of part of this treatment from 'talking and reflecting' to 'doing and experiencing'.

Assessment committee

“Hanneke Kip has written an outstanding doctoral thesis, covering six substantial studies of the development, implementation and evaluation of technology in the treatment of offenders. The collaboration between research and practice proved to be an excellent combination, through a four-day-a-week post as assistant professor at UT and a one-day-a-week post as a researcher at the forensic mental healthcare institute Transfore. Kip set up a number of different projects and developed a MOOC (massive open online course) for eHealth. She is also the first editor of a new edition of the international guidebook E-health research, theory, and development: A multidisciplinary approach published by Routledge.”

Hanneke Kip defended her thesis, The added value of eHealth in treatment of offenders. Improving the development, implementation and evaluation of technology in forensic mental healthcare, on 26 March 2021, gaining a cum laude degree.


The Overijssel PhD award is an annual award given to a thesis of exceptional academic quality. Each UT faculty and research institute can nominate a thesis. The prize is co-sponsored by the Province of Overijssel and confers a cash prize of €5000 and a certificate.

drs. J.G.M. van den Elshout (Janneke)
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