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University of Twente frontrunner on AI in education

With the organisation of a high-profile AI in education Hackathon and the publication of a ground-breaking magazine on AI in education, UT underlines its commitment to exploiting the opportunities AI offers for education.

Kim Schildkamp, professor of data-informed decision-making for learning and development, explains: "With the magazine and the Hackathon, we are demonstrating our commitment to the opportunities AI offers for education. Particularly in education, there is a lot of talk about the threats posed by AI. However, AI is not the first technology to have a major impact on education. The computer too had an impact on our education system, but now you can't imagine the classroom without it."

Hackathon AI in Education: Innovation in Action

UT will organise a special hackathon on AI in education for the second time on 8, 9 and 10 November. This event will bring together teachers, school leaders, managers, students, learners, information specialists & other interested parties to work on innovative solutions to education challenges using AI technologies. The Hackathon promises to be a hotbed of creativity and innovation, where participants will use their expertise to shape the education of the future.

During a hackathon, participants spend a short period of time working non-stop on one particular topic. In this case, AI in education. Participating teams are tasked with solving their own chosen problem with an innovative AI technology. Special Jedi's (experts in the field of AI) support the teams. Last year's winners came up with an app that can quickly check chemistry formulas and provide feedback.

Register here before 19 October for the Hackaton AI in Education!
Or visit the website of the Hackaton for more information.

Magazine on AI in Education

This month also sees the publication of 'Smarter education with AI' magazine, an initiative of the UT, coordinated by NPuls and in collaboration with several educational institutions in the Netherlands and organisations such as NOLAI, NLAIC and SURF. This magazine offers an in-depth look at educational advice related to artificial intelligence and highlights the innovative approaches the University of Twente is taking in education.

The magazine highlights the crucial role of AI in education. The magazine includes two examples of UT's AI initiatives, an article on ChatGPT and an interview with Kim Schildkamp. Schildkamp says: "In the interview, I call for investment in teacher professionalisation: as a teacher, you constantly need new skills, and working with AI is one of them." For more information on UT's vision of AI in education, visit the website of the AI in Education working group. 

Read the magazine 'Smarter Education with AI' here.
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