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UT joins exploration Enschede and Münster around energy transition First joint mission to strengthen Euregional energy cluster

On 22 May, a Euregional delegation of governments, entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions including the University of Twente will travel to the American partner cities of Enschede and Münster in California. The aim of the trip is to strengthen existing relationships, to further expand the network and explore the cooperation opportunities around the energy transition together with the American colleagues.  This is a theme that both Palo Alto and the partner cities of Enschede and Münster are firmly committed to. Later this year, the possibilities for a Euregional trade mission will be explored.

The energy transition, and specifically the storage of energy, is a theme on which the knowledge institutions and the business community within the Euregion actively work together. With the construction of Europe's largest battery research plant in Münster, Euregio is developing into a global player in the energy sector. From Enschede and Twente, various parties are involved in this battery research. For example, the Universiteit Twente (UT) and the Westfälische Wilhelms Universiteit collaborate closely together on this subject. Also, there are several high-tech companies located in Twente directly or indirectly involved in this technology. And the National Growth Fund is as well investing in UT’s research into battery technology.

From UT, Vinod Subramaniam, President of the Executive Board, and Professor prof.dr.ing. Sebastian Thiede, professor of manufacturing systems and affiliated with the Twente Centre for Advanced Battery Technology, will be attending this mission.

Transatlantic innovation network

Enschede and Münster have been partner cities since 2021. The common goal is to strengthen the Euregion socio-economically, as well as the position of the region within Europe and the rest of the world. The trip to California is the first official joint trip of the two brand new partner cities. Both cities have had partner cities in California for several decades. Enschede with Palo Alto since 1980 and Münster with Fresno since 1986. In addition to representatives of the municipality of Enschede and Münster, the Twenteboard, Oost NL, WoonTwente, WTC Twente and a delegation of companies from the energy sector such as Demcon, VDL, 2G, Enapter and Fraunhofer FFBn also join the mission.

More information about the working visit of the Euregion delegation to California can be found at: https://twente.com/euregio-power-meets-battery-bay