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Funding for quantum measurements from Twente

Monitoring the safety of a fibre-optic network with quantum measurements and a quest to seek the mysterious Majorana particles in so-called Josephson junctions. These are the two projects from the University of Twente that receive funding from NWO in collaboration with QuantumDelta NL with resources from the ‘National Growth Fund’ programme.

Network Security via Quantum Sensing

prof. P.W.H. Pinkse

How do you sniff out if a communication network is being tampered with? The researchers in this project develop novel quantum-optical characterisation techniques to measure light that travels through an optic-fibre loop. The Earth’s rotation has a subtle effect on how light travels through this loop. This way, the researcher scan check the area enclosed by a large fibre loop. The researchers will also check the optical fibre properties.

Listening to Josephson junctions: do they contain new fundamental particles?

prof. F.A. Zwanenburg

The Majorana-fermion is an elusive particle that is its own anti-article. This makes the special particle incredibly hard to find. The researchers will combine ‘topological’ materials with superconducting contacts to create ‘Josephson junctions’. When cooled down to the lowest temperatures and when a small voltage is applied, the particles in these junctions will generate radiation like tiny antennas. A Majorana-fermion will have a different frequency than other particles. By recording this radiation, the researchers will measure whether the junction contains these exotic Majorana-fermions.

Over Quantum Delta NL

Quantum Delta NL's mission is to further strengthen the thriving Dutch quantum ecosystem into the most relevant for Europe. The organisation was established in 2019 to implement the National Agenda Quantum Technology. In 2021, Quantum Delta NL's proposal received full honours from the National Growth Fund.

About the National Growth Fund

Together with initiators, the National Growth Fund invests in projects that ensure longer-term economic growth. We all ultimately benefit from this. Because economic growth generates more income, so we all have more to spend. And it gives room to continue investing in, for instance, healthcare, education and measures against climate change.