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Vinod Subramaniam appointed as a council member to the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI)

As of 1 December 2022, UT President Vinod Subramaniam, together with Saxion President Anka Mulder and Jolanda Kluin, will become a council member of the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (AWTI). Today the Council of Ministers approved the nominations for the appointments proposed by Minister Dijkgraaf of Education, Culture and Science.

The AWTI advises government and parliament solicited and unsolicited. This involves considering science, technology and innovation in relation to each other. This could include, for example, knowledge sharing and exploitation, innovative entrepreneurship, application-oriented and practice-oriented research, society and science, technology and innovation. The AWTI is a joint responsibility of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science and the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate. Issues that will be discussed in the coming period include knowledge safety and quality of science. At the beginning of next year, the AWTI will answer the question of how the Netherlands can make optimal use of the European science, technology and innovation policy. Before the summer of 2023, the AWTI will advise on how the Netherlands can make its innovation policy more transition-oriented.    

Eppo Bruins, AWTI Chairman, on the appointments: "I am pleased to announce the appointment of our new council members today. This makes AWTI complete again. With these three exceptional people, we once again bring a lot of expertise and experience in-house. The three new members contribute to the broad scope of the council needed to oversee the field of science, technology and innovation."

Vinod Subramaniam states: “We are facing enormous challenges in the field of climate, energy and global health that will require a great deal of effort from us as academics, innovators, policy makers and society. The AWTI plays an important role in advising the Dutch government on many issues related to these challenges, in a multidisciplinary, international context with a long-term perspective. It is an honor to contribute to this mission as a council member.”'

In addition to Vinod Subramaniam, Anka Mulder and Jolanda Kruin have also been appointed. Anka Mulder is president of the Executive Board of Saxion and Board Member of the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences. Jolanda Kluin is a heart surgeon at Amsterdam UMC/AMC and professor of Translational Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam. As of 1 February 2023, she will start as head of the Cardiothoracic Surgery department at Erasmus MC Rotterdam.

About AWTI

The AWTI is an independent advisory council of the government and parliament. The Council consists of ten experts from the scientific community, industry or civil society organisations. Together they provide independent advice on scientific, technological and innovative developments and government policy. The advice of the AWTI is based on thorough research and experience from practice. The council members are supported by council staff. With our advice, we make it easier for the Dutch government to make policy choices that allow science, technology and innovation to flourish even better for Dutch society.        

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