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"At Business Days Twente, many students find out what kind of companies are there"

Business Days Twente starts on  14 February. The career event, which was first organised in 1996, has a long history of connecting students and businesses. This year, the Career Fair of the Business Days Twente will be held at a different location, not at the Ganzenveld on campus. Board member Lieneke Klaver talks about this year's edition.

What are the prospects for students in finding a company that suits them?

"The search for an internship, graduation project or starter position has become more difficult for students. Especially in recent times, when the restrictions due to the coronavirus have had a great impact on the work floor, making contact between companies and students has become more difficult. Companies have been busy with the changes in, for example, working from home and often did not have the means to supervise a student properly. Once a student has found a place within a company, the next challenge is to get started with your assignment online."

What can students and companies expect from Business Days Twente this year?

"Most students are familiar with the Career Fair in the white tent on campus, but this year it will be held in the Grolsch Veste, FC Twente's football stadium. Students and companies will be able to meet each other physically again. We think it is important that they get the chance to meet each other in real life. It's a nice spacious location, which allows the event to go on as normally as possible, despite the measures we have to adhere to."

What is the main motivation for companies to participate?

"The contact between companies and students is important, for both parties. Companies offer students a great range of different career opportunities. Also, many new issues and challenges have arisen for most companies. Students provide a fresh perspective on these issues and the changed situation."

Why should students not miss this edition?

"Business Days Twente is the perfect opportunity for students to make contact with interesting companies and perhaps find an internship, graduation assignment or job! At the Fair, many students find out what kind of companies there are. Recently, it has been more difficult for students and companies to get in touch with each other. Companies are enthusiastic that a physical contact moment with students will be organised again and will therefore warmly welcome the students."

More information and registration

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  • 14 & 15 February: Kick-Off
  • 28 February: Lunch Lecture by Tim Hofman
  • 2 & 3 March: Career fair
  • 7 to 18 March: Workshop weeks
  • 21 March to 8 April: Ambition Weeks