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Green Team Twente: "It's time to reap our harvest!"

Green Team Twente launched their new hydrogen car! The new car was presented via a car reveal livestream on their YouTube channel. Green Team Twente is a student team that builds a new hydrogen car every year! They are the current world champion in building the most efficient urban car in the world. They won this title in 2019. Due to corona, no new race could take place at the Shell Eco Marathon since then. Off-track awards will be presented on behalf of the Shell Eco Marathon this year. Green Team Twente did win three awards this year. They won the Communication Award, the Vehicle Design Urban Concept Award and the Technical Innovation Award.

The student team has now celebrated its 10th anniversary. They celebrated this with an exhibition focused on 10 years of Green Team Twente and their hydrogen cars. The exhibition has been organized in collaboration with the Museumfabriek in Enschede. Despite corona, they have found a way to continue with the exhibition. The exhibition will be presented via a Virtual Reality tour on their website. (www.greenteamtwente.nl). Green Team Twente has even more ambitious plans this year. They are working on putting their own hydrogen documentary into production. They are doing this together with other forward-thinking companies, who see hydrogen as a key element in the energy transition.

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