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Smart Mobility Hubs as Game Changers in Transport

Can mobility hubs, on-street locations offering a variety of shared mobility options such as electric bicycles and cars, contribute to inclusive and sustainable urban mobility? This will be examined in the three year project SmartHubs which has just been awarded. The project is one of fifteen international projects from the Urban Accessibility and Connectivity programme funded twenty-three national funding agencies from sixteen countries in Europe. The SmartHubs project is coordinated by Prof. Karst Geurs from the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Technology, at the University of Twente, with a budget of two million Euro. 

SmartHubs will examine if mobility hubs can be a game changer towards inclusive and sustainable urban mobility. Karst Geurs
“Will mobility hubs improve cycling and public transport and reduce car use?” Karst Geurs

SmartHubs will take a people-first approach and test novel participatory and impact assessment tools including technologies such as augmented reality technologies combining the real and online world. 

The research will be conducted in Living Labs in the Rotterdam-the Hague metropolitan region, Brussels, Munich, Vienna and Istanbul. SmartHubs has thirty project partners from six countries in Europe.

Contact: prof. dr. ing. Karst T. Geurs

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