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Virtual Business Days Twente launched Largest career event in the Netherlands organised by students

Starting Monday 1 February, the Business Days Twente will be held. The event, which was first organised in 1996, has a long history of connecting students and businesses and has become the largest student-run career event in the Netherlands. This year, the Business Days Twente will be held in a modified format because of COVID-19. Board member Juliette Grimm talks about this year's edition.

How about the career opportunities of students?

"It's not easy for students to take the next step in their careers in these times. Some companies don't have the manpower to supervise students, where other companies don't have the budget for it anymore. Whether it's an internship, graduation or a job, it's harder work than other years, in general. Once students have found a position, they face the next challenge: everything is online."

What can students and businesses expect this year?

"The traditional white tent event was replicated online as much as possible - that is of course our goal. Students and businesses can walk across the virtual fairgrounds and engage in video conversations with each other. It's kind of like the Habbo hotel of old, but in a modern and professional way."

What is the main motivation for companies to participate?

"The link between businesses and students remains necessary. In addition to the ongoing range of career opportunities, a lot has changed for most companies in the past year. New issues have emerged, but also many challenges and insights. Students can provide a fresh perspective on the situation."

Why should students not miss this edition?

"It will be an edition like never before, including the virtual fairgrounds and company presentations. This year, we also launched an app where you can browse our online environment on your phone. Companies are excited about having a contact moment with students and will therefore definitely welcome the students with open arms."

For information and registration, visit our website.
10 & 11 February: Online Career Event
15 February to 5 March: Workshop weeks
8 to 26 March: Ambition weeks 

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