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UIF Twente organises Twente-4 Hours Global

A program packed with inspirational and motivational sessions and workshops, aimed at shaping new connections and bringing great fresh ideas to the table: in a nutshell Twente-4 Hours Global, an online 24 hours long event facilitated by universities around the world. The relay race, which is organised by the University Innovation Fellows (UIF) Twente program, will take place on 8 August from 17.00 hours (CEST) onwards, is open to anyone interested in innovation and creating a real impact.

Every year the Fellows organize a regional meetup in August. “The European Meetup allows participants to learn something new, experience our Dutch culture and make lasting connections. With the COVID-19 crisis we had to look into new directions. We love bringing communities together and the online environment will allow us to connect more people. Going big or going home became our motto.”

About UIF

The University Innovation Fellows program is a global initiative founded by Stanford University. It encourages students to shape the future of education. The Fellows of Twente carry the mission to empower students at the University of Twente and make a change on campus through Innovation-and-Entrepreneurship-based project. Back in 2016, the UT was the first European university to join the program. Each year, a group of UT students is selected to participate and to come up with plans on how to improve the university.

“We saw in our international community that a lot of students are working on similar problems in different parts of the world. Twente-4 Hours Global will be a platform to share learning experiences and ideas for everyone to learn from. Workshops are about a range of topics, from cross-culture communication to creating a 5-year life plan and from creating a social media branding to reimagining a new social solidarity. There is something for everyone. Bringing around 20 universities together was ambitious but we believe that we have a solid program laid out.

From the user, we defined what the online experience should be like. Quick and interactive learning experiences with loads of time to interact in smaller groups seemed the most logical. That last point is especially important, as we noticed that lots of people feel a lack of one-to-one interactions with strangers. The coffee-moment-experience is something we wanted to implement at the core of the event.

The stream will be online for 24 hours long but of course we don’t expect participants to stay with us for so long. You can pick out the workshops that you are interested in. We want to welcome anyone interested in making new connections, international collaboration and innovation to join Twente-4 Hours Global. Whether you are a student, staff or researcher, feel free to hop in.”

Check the program of Twente-4 Hours Global and register via the UIF website.