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Kennispark Twente area development: Kadans Science Partner will not be a long-term investor

The Municipality of Enschede, the University of Twente (UT) and Kennispark Twente are collaborating closely on the Kennispark area development. The area is evolving into a prime location for UT start-ups and high-tech companies, with investments being made in the development of laboratory infrastructure and an appealing living and working environment for talent. In the spring of 2019, UT and the Municipality of Enschede launched an invitation to tender for a long-term end-investor willing to make a multi-year commitment to the developments on Kennispark and the UT campus as a property investor. Kadans Science Partner was already selected as the intended partner. However, all the parties have now jointly reached the conclusion that they will not be signing a cooperation agreement. 

Over the last year, they have been exploring how to configure the desired programme and spatial developments in concrete terms. This involved attempts to reach agreement on the conditions under which Kadans would be willing to take long-term responsibility for these developments. This concerns a number of related developments for which the Municipality, UT and Kennispark Twente were envisaging a portfolio strategy, but this approach has proved unworkable for Kadans. Despite understanding and respecting each other’s positions, the parties have failed to reach an agreement. For this reason, a cooperation agreement with a preferential position for Kadans in developments on Kennispark will no longer go ahead.

The Municipality of Enschede, UT and Kennispark will continue in their efforts to collaborate with another long-term investor for the area development. In the meantime, the Municipality of Enschede is already in the advanced stages of working on an urban design plan that will provide complete clarity with regard to ambitions for the area. The plan will be put to the Council in the near future.


  •  Municipality of Enschede: Arjan Beerman, spokesperson,, M +31 (0)6 3816 8575 
  • University of Twente: Bertyl Lankhaar,, spokesperson for the Executive Board M: +31 (0)6 2002 7435 
  • Kennispark Twente: Marieke Stokkelaar, communications consultant,
    M: +31 (0)6 4211 0739