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Innovation Industries invests 1 million euros in UT spin-off IamFluidics

The Dutch high-tech investment fund Innovation Industries is investing 1 million euros in IamFluidics. The spin-off company of the University of Twente focuses on creating and manipulating minuscule liquid drops and has developed the new 'in-air microfluidics' technology. The investment accelerates further development of this technology as well as its introduction in various markets. 

IamFluidics BV was founded this year based on the research conducted by the 'Developmental BioEngineering' and 'Physics of Fluids' departments. Based on the unique in-air microfluidics technology , IamFluidics combines miniscule fluid jets in the air. This allows new microparticles of different materials to be produced up to a thousand times faster. The in-air microfluidics technology enables many new applications, including 3D printing with living cells. Microparticles are used in materials and composites in many different industries, including personal care, health care, nutrition and clothing. In the healthcare sector, microparticles are used, for example, in medicines or as a contrast medium for ultrasound or MRI research. 

New products

Tom Kamperman, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of IamFluidics, is very much satisfied with the investment. "For us this is a confirmation of the value of this new microfluidic technology platform. We are also pleased with the arrival of Ivo Aarninkhof in the position of Chief Executive Officer. His contribution is very important for further growth and successfully entering various markets. "Claas Willem Visser, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of IamFluidics, adds: "This is a unique opportunity to translate our scientific findings from the University of Twente into new ground-breaking products in areas such as medicine and chemical applications." 


Harm de Vries, General Partner at Innovation Industries, explains the investment in IamFluidics: "With its high production capacity and precision, the technology offers many new possibilities. In the coming period we will analyse the industry to determine which product-market combinations the company will focus on first." Jaap Beernink, CEO at Novel-T sees the investment as confirmation of the value and potential of the research done in the area of the University of Twente in the field of microfluidics.

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