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Too good to go: less waste of leftover food

Want to pay peanuts for food that would otherwise be thrown away? Soon you’ll be able to do just that in the Appèl cafeterias on the UT campus. We are partnering with Too Good To Go to help prevent food  waste in shops, bakeries, restaurants and at caterers by offering surplus food for sale through an app. Appèl is the first caterer in the Netherlands to join this initiative.

Appèl started using the Too Good To Go app at the University of Twente on 26 November, beginning in the Waaier building. This concept will soon be made available at other locations on campus. All university students and staff members will soon be able to take advantage of food that would otherwise be thrown away by ordering it at seriously discounted prices through the Too Good To Go app. It’s a great initiative for both your wallet and the environment.

Magic Box

Despite the caterer’s ‘No waste, fresh taste’ principle, which avoids preparing too much food in advance by only cooking to meet demand, there are still some meals or products left over at the end of the day. According to Ellen Janssen, Manager of Marketing, Communication and Innovation at Appèl, “with the Too Good To Go app we are actively contributing to the effort to prevent food waste. We take the surplus food and turn it into a Magic Box.”

A surprise every time

 What goes in the Magic Box depends on what is left over on that day, so every order is a surprise. Of course it goes without saying that your box will contain tasty food: sandwiches, baguettes, vegetables, salads, juices, couscous, sushi or even an entire meal. “We see this as the next step in making our range more sustainable,” says Ellen Janssen. “Ultimately we’re aiming to link as many locations as possible to the app to achieve the greatest impact.” Millions of meals have already been saved across Europe thanks to Too Good To Go. The app, which is free to download, automatically shows users the location closest to their position.