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Development smartwatch app ZGT and UT awarded for Best Diabetes Idea 2017

The Diameter is awarded for the Best Diabetes Idea of 2017. Research partners ZGT and University of Twente received this price on 15 July 2017.

Self-control for diabetic patients

ZGT and University of Twente have collaborated on the development of “the Diameter”. This app helps patients with Diabetes type 2 to regulate their blood glucose by living in a healthy way. The app gives the Diabetes patient self-control and helps remaining their motivation. Patients are being actively coached in regulating their blood glucose level, possibly with less medication. Measurement results can be shared with the Diabetes treatment team in order to maximize the efficiency of consultations. 

The Diameter measures body movement, sugar values and records diet data. All these data are continuously being analysed by a computer model and will be translated into advice. The computer model takes personal preferences into account and uses motivation theories in order to formulate advice. This way, advice is tailored to the patient. Increased insights that are gathered and experience with the Diameter are supposed to contribute to a responsible, healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes Fund

The Best Diabetes Idea is a subsidy which is distributed by the Diabetes Fund to improve the life of people with Diabetes. The financial contribution (€50.000,-) stimulates further development of the Diameter. Therefore The University of Twente is working on a model which predicts effects of nutrition and movement effects on blood glucose regulation. Also, ZGT has started with the development of a diet module, which will enrich the computer model. 

It is expected that a prototype of the Diameter can be used in 2018.

drs. J.G.M. van den Elshout (Janneke)
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