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Detlef Lohse appointed Chair Professor in China Tsinghua University

UT Professor Detlef Lohse has been inaugurated as Chair Professor on Fluid Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

Tsinghua is known as the most prestigious engineering university in China. It is often called the ‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of China’; the university ranks 35 in the Times Higher Education ranking. The link between the University of Twente and Tsinghua has been strengthened thanks to the appointment of UT Professor Chao Sun of Detlef Lohse’s group, as a full-time professor at Tsinghua.

In addition to the inauguration of Prof. Lohse at Tsinghua, he was delighted to sign an Agreement of Cooperation between the Center for Combustion Energy, Tsinghua university, and his Physics of Fluids group at the University of Twente.

The Center for Combustion Energy (CCE) at Tsinghua university is an open research institute focusing on the sustainability and innovation of future energy systems, and has a long-term research interest in Fluid Mechanics as relating to combustion energy. The establishment of an English undergraduate program organized by CCE is an opportunity for international collaboration.

The Physics of Fluids group (POF) at the University of Twente is a leading research institute in the field of Fluid Mechanics. The main research areas are turbulence and two-phase flow, granular flow, micro- and nanofluidics and biomedical applications of bubbles. The group has many national and international collaborations, both in industry and in the academic world. A recent initiative of the group was the new Max Planck – University of Twente Center for Complex Fluid Dynamics.

Whereas Tsinghua university and UT desire to engage in cooperative educational and research activities, for the mutual benefit of both institutions, CCE and POF have agreed upon joint research in fluid mechanics and related subjects, staff  and student excange between CCE and POF, joint academic meetings and exchange of materials relevant to education and research.

Student exchange

The president of UT, Victor van der Chijs, visited Tsinghua in April 2016 in order to start he discussion of further collaboration at an institutional level. This resulted in an active student exchange between both summer schools at Tsinghua and UT during the summer of 2016 already.

On April 28, 2017, the rector magnificus of UT, Prof. Thom Palstra, will visit Tsinghua again to sign an institutional wide Agreement on Student Exchange. Prof. SHI Yigong, vice president of Tsinghua University will be present on behalf of Tsinghua.

A number of UT professors have been conducting research with their colleagues in Tsinghua for years, including Prof. Peter Apers, Prof. Jurriaan Huskens, Prof. Hans Bressers, Prof. Vanessa Evers, Prof. Bram Nauta, Prof. Julius Vancso, Prof. Bob Su, Prof. Andrew Skidmore and Prof. Detlef Lohse.

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