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David Reinhoudt is awarded the Gutsche Award

The organizational committee of the International Conference on Calixarenes in Tianjin, China, has announced that Prof. David Reinhoudt will be presented the C. David Gutsche Award during the event, which is scheduled to take place in August this year.

The recipient of this prize, which will be awarded for the second time, is chosen from a group of senior scientists whose research has contributed greatly to chemistry in the area of calixarenes. Calixarenes are synthetic, cyclic molecules that were named after a vase because of their shape. These molecules have cavities into which other molecules can be inserted. This means you can synthesize them so that they can be used in a variety of applications. The award was named after David Gutsche, one of the pioneers in this area.

Professor Reinhoudt is Emeritus Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry and the founder and first scientific director of MESA+. During his long and impressive scientific career, his research contributed greatly to the body of work on calixarenes, both in terms of the development of methods to synthesize these molecules and prepare them for use, and in the development of practical applications.