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UT launches MOOC in ultrasound

On 5 October, the University of Twente will start its first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Starting on Monday 13 July, those interested can register for this free, public, six-week course from the Technical Medicine faculty, calledUltrasound imaging: what is inside?.

During this course, you'll learn how ultrasound imaging is using a clinical environment and how the underlying technology is used to improve patient care. The course is intended for prospective students who are interested in the professional discipline of health care due to knowledge or interest in physics, mathematics or biology.
In addition, the MOOC is focused on medical professionals who work with ultrasound and who wish to learn more about the engineering and technology in an ultrasound device.  Wiendelt Steenbergen, professor of Biomedical Photonic Imaging at the research Institute MIRA, will conduct a large portion of the classes.

Read more about the MOOC Ultrasound imaging: listen to your body and register.

More MOOCs

In addition to Ultrasound Imaging, UT will launch even more MOOCs in the coming time. Later in 2015, the MOOC Supply Chain from prof. Jos van Hillegersberg will go live. At least two more will follow in 2016. The MOOCs, which are of six weeks' duration, will be launched via the British platform FutureLearn.