RoboTeam Twente awaits an uphill task

It is the moment they have been waiting for all year: today, RoboTeam Twente starts their mission at the RoboCup 2018, the unofficial World Cup in robot football. The tournament takes place in Montréal, Canada.

Uphill task

RoboTeam Twente participates in the Small Size League. This is a competition with robots maximized to 15 cm height and 18 cm diameter. Ambitious as they are, they have chosen to compete in the A-League, the top flight division. That will mean a battle with the best teams in the world, some of them already in the game for quite some years. For RoboTeam Twente, it is the second time that they participate. Last year in Japan, they became fourteenth in a field of twenty participants

During the last year, RoboTeam Twente has been experimenting a lot to improve the robots and the game. In defence, the team had everything sorted out quite well. Now it was the time to improve in attacking. Some improvements that have been put through: a new kicker, which kicks the ball in the right direction at the right speed, a new method of dribbling with the ball and a new weapon: the through ball.


The tournament will start with the group phase, with four teams per group. Roboteam Twente has made an overview of all opponents in this first round. The schedule for the group phase is the following:

  • Monday 18 June, 17.00 hr (Central European Time):
    Match against TIGERs Mannheim (Ger) 
  • Monday 18 June, 21.30 hr:
    Match against CMµs (USA) 
  • Tuesday 19 June, 21.30 hr:
    Match against RoboDragons (Jap)

The remainder of the schedule is subject to results in the group phase.

Updates on the results

All matches are broadcasted live via the YouTube-channel of the team. Updates are also shared through their Facebook page.

Laurens van der Velde
Press relations (available Mon-Fri)