Future Factory for student teams now open

Today, the new location for student teams Electric Superbike Twente and Green Team Twente was opened. In the Future Factory, which is located near the campus on Auke Vleerstraat 3b, the Electric Superbike Twente team is currently building an electric racing bike and the Green Team Twente is working on an economical hydrogen car. 

 “The building that houses Green Team Twente and Electric Superbike Twente is the perfect place to host these two student teams from the University of Twente. We are not working together on the same project, but rather both student teams are challenging themselves and striving to win an international competition. This agreement creates a good atmosphere in the Future Factory. Having both teams in one building keeps the lines of communication short. Moreover, the building’s location is excellent, because now we are based in between the university and the businesses at Kennispark: the perfect mix between development and entrepreneurship", so says Tim Veldhuis (Team manager Electric Superbike Twente).

The team manager of Green Team Twente (Feike van Veen) adds: "The building has plenty of space to carry out all the activities involved in building an economical hydrogen car. We have a large workshop, a large office and there are meeting rooms. Having both teams in this building allows us to share knowledge and get things done more efficiently.”

The event started off with a word of welcome by Allard Kalff, known from RTL GP and in addition to the usual snacks and drinks, people had the opportunity to test drive a Tesla.  

Janneke van den Elshout
Press relations (available Mon-Fri)