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UT, Saxion and ROC collaborate to provide education for refugees

ROC of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and University of Twente feel a common social responsibility in providing services for the refugees coming to Enschede and its region. The three educational institutions join forces to make a contribution to refugees staying in this region.

The institutions are currently working on a specific range of activities in education, training and guidance for the group of refugees staying in the surroundings. There are also discussions about the ideas with the municipality of Enschede, the Ministry of Education, the education sector and other relevant parties.

Victor van der Chijs, President of the University of Twente, says on behalf of the three institutions: "We want to organize our activities very quickly. So, for now we focus on the cooperation with Saxion and ROC. Naturally we will welcome other organizations if they wish to participate in this initiative."

The Student Union of the University of Twente, Students of KOSS Saxion and the Student Council of ROC of Twente support the initiative. The Student Union of the UT announces: "All our contemporaries should have access to education. Therefore, we support the initiative from the educational institutions to give refugees an opportunity to take part on education. As students we want to think along with the organizations in how to support the refugees. We are thinking about offering support in their integration process, offering personal coaching and providing life and leisure facilities."

A lot of ideas to do something for the refugees arise within the organizations’ staff and students. The Boardmembers of the institutions appreciate these contributions. The Participation Councils also support the  initiative to collaborate in providing education for the refugees.

Press contact: Bertyl Lankhaar T: 053 489 2210, spokesman of the Executive Board of the University of Twente.
Rob Admiraal T: 06 12 84 86 68, Spokesman of the Executive Board of Saxion.
Els van Riel: 06 290 76 229, Spokesman of the Executive Board ROC van Twente.