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ICT support for students

If you experience problems with your notebook, tablet or smartphone, you can ask for help from the Notebook Service Centre (NSC) and Students' Network Twente (SNT).



The NSC is part of the LISA and mainly focuses on UT students. Students who have had to purchase a Notebook for their course and who experience problems with the Notebook can ask for help from the NSC. You should contact the NSC for the following services:

  1. purchase of notebooks;
  2. software licenses;
  3. support.

More information check the website from NSC.


The SNT is an association that takes care of and represents the interests of its members in respect of the network services that are offered by the ICT Service Centre of the UT. However, the SNT is not part of the LISA. As a student or student association, you can contact the SNT for:

  1. support;
  2. web hosting;
  3. maintenance of web, FTP and IRC servers.

More information about SNT check the website.


You can request one of the services at the NSC or SNT help desks. Note: any questions for the SNT should only be sent to the SNT. This also applies to questions for the NSC. The NSC and the SNT are not attached to one another.


No costs are attached to support for UT students through the NSC or SNT.


to be able to use the services of the NSC and SNT, you have to:

  • have a student registration with the UT;
  • be recognized as an association by the Student Union (for SNT association services).

No delivery time applies to this service.


For support, you should use the service desks and websites of the SNT and NSC. For further support, use the self service portal and the manuals. Should you have any other questions or should a fault occur, please contact the Service desk ICT.


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