Finance (FIN)

New financial system Unit4

Starting 2 May, the UT transfers to a new financial system, Unit4. This system is used for several financial processes, for example declaring (travel) costs (previously done in Declaree) or registration of (project) hours, previously done in TAS. For more information about the Unit4 implementation, see or login using

The Finance (FIN) department has a policy supporting, monitoring and executing task regarding the financial function. This task focuses on both the primary process and the universities' administration. The tasks are performed within the departments: Financial Services (FS), Financial Business Support (FBS) and Financial Governance & Compliance (FGC).

FIN's mission is formulated as follows:

"Formulating, executing and monitoring the financial, economic and administrative policy based on the strategic goals of the university. These activities are aimed at providing management with an optimal management tool with which effective and efficient the use of financial resources is guaranteed".