Master Graduates

Stochastic Operations Research: MSc graduatess

In the final year of the curriculum, the graduates did a business traineeship (BTS) or a research traineeship (RTS). A (part of the) BTS is carried out outside the University of Twente (this often means abroad), and is meant to give the student some 'real life' experience. The RTS gives the student the opportunity to concentrate on a specific subject.
What follows is a list of SOR-graduates and the title of their final year assignment.

name Graduation dateTitlecompany
J. Rood, MSc (Jord)20-02-2018 Computations of the Demand for Ground Resources at KLM KLM, Amstelveen
A.I. Babic, MSc (Anatoliy)19-12-2017 A rating model for individual player qualities based on team results applied in football SciSports, Enschede
R.F.J. van Lingen, MSc (Rico)09-11-2017 Inference of social networks in office buildings based on sensor data from lighting systems Philips Lighting, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
H.P.A. Goos, MSc (Arwyn)07-09-2017 Minimizing expected passenger travel time by optimal buffer allocation in train networks NS
E.R. Tsai, MSc (Eline)29-08-2017 Optimal time allocation of an orthopedic surgeon Sint Maartenskliniek
H.M. Boelema, MSc (Hiska)29-08-2017 Priority queues and the stationary distribution calculated using tandem fluid queues University of Tasmania, Australia
A. Aslan, MSc (Ayşe)25-08-2017 Combining Process Mining and Queueing Theory for the ICT Ticket Resolution Process at LUMC LUMC
A.Z. Wardiyah, MSc (Zuhra)08-05-2017 Performance Analysis of a PAC System with Card Capacity of c internal
J.W.M. Otten, MSc (Maarten)03-04-2017 Stratified breast cancer follow-up using a continuous-state POMDP internal
M. Dijkink, MSc (Marieke)02-03-2017 Appointment scheduling for blood donors in combination with walk-in donors Sanquin blood bank
D.M. Coşman, MSc (Dana)27-02-2017 Estimating lead time using Markov Chains Vanderlande Industries B.V.
H. Ghasemieh, MSc (Hamed) 29-11-2016 Influence of short cycles on the PageRank distribution in scale-free random graphs internal
E. Booltink, MSc (Edwin) 22-09-2016 Dynamic sharing of service capacity in a network internal
M. Visser, MSc (Mike) 30-08-2016 Effects of Twitter Mentions on the Movember Campaign internal
L. ter Heegde, MSc (Lianne) 03-12-2015 Optimal Forgetting: Dynamic Pricing in Changing Markets internal
I. Gerritsma, MSc (Imke) 27-08-2015 Next Generation Sequencing in the UMC Groningen UMCG, Groningen
S. Veurink, MSc (Stefan) 27-08-2015 Optimal bidding in Google Shopping AdWordsRobot
D.I. van Huizen, MSc (Dick) 11-06-2015 A stochastic approach to allocation of capacity in a gas transmission network Gasunie Transport Services, Groningen
Y. Prins, MSc (Yvonne) 04-06-2015 Extending the PowerMatcher using dynamic programmingTNO
I.F. Tensen, MSc (Inge) 19-05-2015 Stochastic optimization of the dial-a-ride problem. Dealing with variable travel times and irregular arrival of requests in the planning of special transport services.Bureau HHM, Enschede
S.H.G. Kremers, MSc (Sander) 23-10-2014 Modelling Real-World Contract NegotiationsORTEC
A. Buijsrogge, MSc (Anne) 30-09-2014 Optimization of the BUbiNG web crawlerinternal
C. Laan, MSc (Corine) 29-08-2014 Reducing the access time at a surgical outpatient clinicJBZ
C. Stegehuis, MSc (Clara) 29-08-2014 Predicting Long Term Impact of Scientific Publicationsinternal
X. Bai, MSc (Xinwei) 29-08-2014 The invariant measure of random walks in the quarter planeinternal
E.N. Havinga, MSc (Nicole) 16-05-2014 Model development for supporting risk-based approachesLVNl
A. Stallmeyer, MSc (Astrid) 14-03-2014 A Heuristic Approach to Efficient Appointment Scheduling at Short-Stay UnitsAMC
I.A. Bikker, MSc (Ingeborg) 09-01-2014 Reducing access times for radiation treatments by aligning the doctors' schemesAMC
S.R. Brinkhof, MSc (Siebe) 30-08-2013 Asset Wide Optimization in Shell's LNG Upstream Value ChainORTEC
M.C. ten Thij, MSc (Marijn) 30-08-2013 Modelling trends in social media: Application and analysis using random graphsTNO
M.F. van der Velde, MSc (Marjan) 19-06-2013 Analyzing the solution of a Linear Program: The effect of normal distributions in costs and constraintsORTEC
S.W. van Willigen, MSc (Sjoerd) 22-01-2013 Risk Reduction in Service Contract FullfilmentThales Hengelo
I.H.J. Masselink, MSc (Inge) 15-11-2012 Analyse van reizigersgedrag bij buitendienststellingenNederlandse Spoorwegen
T.L.C. van der Mijden, MSc (Tom) 25-06-2012 Deploying security forces to intercept threatsNetherlands Defense Academy
E. van Ommeren, MSc (Erik) 17-02-2012 Decomposition for Stochastic Product Form Petri NetsInternal
C.A.J. Burger, MSc (Christian) 04-11-2011 Flexible nurse staffing: Determining staffing levels for nursing wards in the AMCAMC
N.M. van de Vrugt, MSc (Maartje) 30-08-2011 Loss Networks with ReservationInternal
S.W. Ton, MSc (Saskia) 15-03-2011 Static user equilibrium: a search for an optimal algorithmOmnitrans International
A.K. van den Bosch, MSc (Alje) 25-01-2011 A Mathematician's view on normative liability studiesInternal
N. Baër, MSc (Niek) 22-10-2010 Patient Flow Analysis in Pain RehabilitationHet Roessingh, Enschede
Ir. F.S. Warrink (Frank) 27-08-2010 Competing suppliers and retailers in a supply chain with backlogs and emergency shipmentsInternal
Y. Chen, MSc (Yanting) 09-07-2010 Optimal Capacity of Ambulance Service System in The NetherlandsRIVM, Bilthoven
M.G. Telgen, MSc (Marthe) 17-06-2010 Realistic route choice modelingDHV
T. Demewez, MSc (Tiblets) 29-09-2009 Traffic flow - Emission Modeling using Queueing Theory and Remote SensingITC
J.H. Schouten, MSc (Johann) 09-04-2009 Optimisation of packete scheduling in wireless networksTNO-ICT
T. Brandts, MSc (Ties) 29-08-2008 Optimisation of toll levels in networks: An optimal toll design framework, using a pattern search approximation algorithm Goudappel Coffeng
A. Rouwette, MSc (Anke) 27-06-2008 Guiding toward optimal route and parking choice of urban traffic. Development of an optimization model based on a trade-off between interests of specific stakeholders. Witteveen+Bos
M.E. Zonderland, MSc (Maartje) 23-11-2007 Re-Design of the Pre-Anesthetic Evaluation Clinic at Leiden University Medical CenterLeiden University Medical Center
J. Schakel, MSc (Anna) 9-11-2007 Logistical pathways in health careCapgemini Nederland B.V.
Ir. F. van Vliet (Folkert) 30-8-2007 Content-based routing in publish/subscribe systems with dynamic clients behaviourThales, Huizen
Ir. M. Wingender (Marc) 16-2-2007 Look Ahead Admission Control Policies in Loss NetworksInternal
Ir. T.R. Meerburg (Tristan) 4-4-2006 Noise load management at Schiphol - a stochastic dynamic approachLuchtverkeersleiding Nederland
Ir. M. van Rijsbergen (Marleen) 11-3-2005 Managing the overflow of Intensive Care patientsErasmus Medisch Centrum
Ir. L. Spanjers (Lieneke) 19-2-2004 Closed loop repairable item systemsInternal
Ir. F. Polselli (Fiorinda) 26-1-2004 Revenue management in de luchtvaart met stochastische vraagORTEC Gouda
Ir. M.P. van 't Klooster (Mark)18-12-2003 Modeling operators in a queueing network Add-Smart BV
Ir. A.A.H. van Beersum (Annemiek)4-12-2003 Huisnummersortering TPG Post
Ir. T.J.M. Coenen (Tom) 14-11-2003 Performance analysis of ad hoc networks Internal
Ir. B. Buster (Bram) 13-5-2002 The crucial parts: the relation between service logistics charateristics and selecting an inventory control policy Districon
Ir. T. Borra (Tamara) 18-4-2001 Models and heuristics for the time driven resource loading problem Internal
Ir. C.T.A. de Vos (Coen) 17-4-2000 Multi-echelon voorraadbesturingsmodellen voor transmissienetwerkenKPN Research