Bachelor programme Creative Technology

Welcome to Creative Technology! 

Creative Technology is a bachelor’s programme of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. The programme is taught entirely in English and challenges you to develop innovative applications while using the latest technology. Creative Technology characterizes itself as a diverse study that teaches students how to think creatively in the process of coming up with innovative solutions, while also enabling them to execute these solutions into tangible prototypes. 

Michelle Sudjito, student
“The best thing about CreaTe is its variety of courses and subjects, you gain knowledge about everything while it helps you find or even build on your passion!”
Lars Wintermans, student
“Creative Technology has taught me unique design thinking skills that help me solve problems in fresh and creative ways, which has helped me in becoming a better designer.”

Besides having a proactive and engaged study program, we also have a wonderful study association called Proto, that contributes to the CreaTe community by organising fun activities such as game nights, parties, and scavenger hunts, but also more serious events like lunch lectures, workshops, and module evaluations. Proto additionally provides a discount on your books and a nice association room to just chill in with friends. The association is run by and for students and has over 600 members!