Digital Society Institute


The Digital Society Institute (DSI) engineers the digitalization of our society in close cooperation with all our stakeholders. Next to other institutes and faculties at the University of Twente, these include business & industry, government, NGO's and knowledge institutes. As a partner in regional, national and international ecosystems, we offer the knowledge and breeding ground for the development of successful solutions and products. We boost innovation by delivering scientific knowledge for real-life solutions that have societal and economic relevance.

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Three main challenges

Our research focuses on natural, societal and industrial challenges, which serve as starting points for our way to work and have one common denominator: digital technologies. Our work contributes to solving three main challenges.

How we can help you

Our partners and stakeholders approach us with all kinds of questions. These include requests to develop a vision of current and future developments in digitalization in specific fields. Companies also approach us to future-proof their strategies, products and solutions. DSI acts as an innovation hub by connecting the knowledge and expertise within the University of Twente to the questions of the partner or stakeholder.

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