Digital Society Institute

Engineering our digital society

The Digital Society Institute (DSI) is one of the three multidisciplinary research institutes of the University of Twente. At the Digital Society Institute, we strive to engineer digitalization toward systems that allow for well-informed, even accountable decision-making. We achieve this by doing scientific research that contributes to solving three challenges:


An essential aspect of our missionĀ is to conduct research that has an impact on society. Digitalization stretches out from creating, innovating and developing digital technologies to adopting and crafting them to our everyday needs, desires and habits. In this way, digitalization shapes technologies by adding value and imposing what we can and are willing to adopt and use for our desires and the challenges we face.

Open engineering

We take natural, societal and industrial challenges as starting points, and engineer digitalization as an iterative process in close cooperation with all its stakeholders. We call this way of working open engineering. The world is one of our two playing fields, notably including so-called rurban regions: rural regions with urban centers. Industry is the other one, in particular where automation in all its facets is shaping the future.