Professional Doctorate in Engineering at the University of Twente

Your PDENG at the university of twente

A PDEng programme is a more practically oriented route. These programmes focus on technological design and take two years to complete. The University of Twente offers PDEng programmes in the fields of Business & ITCivil Engineering, Energy & Process Technology, Maintenance and Robotics.


Always drawn up on close consultation with an external organization, these tailored programmes are developed to equip you as a high-level technological designer. By combining education at the University (~60 EC) with a practical design in industry (~60 EC), the Post-Master PDEng programmes integrate academic research in a professional context, while providing education in a range of related subjects.

During the practical part of the programme, you will spend your time working in industry on a challenging and innovative technological design project – a real problem that needs to be solved. In this design project, you will transfer knowledge and research results into technological innovation in industry and society. Throughout the project, you will be supervised by engineers from industry as well as by university staff. In that way you will gain scientific knowledge, practical design experience and project management expertise at the same time. After successful completion of a PDEng programme, you are entitled to use the academic degree of Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng).


Have you finished your Master's and are you interested in technological designs? Do you want to continue studying and get paid while doing so? Then a Professional Doctorate in Engineering might be a perfect fit for you!

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If your passion lies more in research than in design, make sure to find out more about our PhD programmes.

PDENg for businesses

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