Research Honours programme for UT MSc students

The University of Twente also offers several honours programmes for excellent Master's students. Our honours programmes have a distinctive profile, both High Tech and Human Touch. The honours programmes instil an entrepreneurial and respectful attitude towards society and the natural world.

Excellent students

These challenging honours programmes select talented, enterprising and highly motivated students. The programmes are designed to encourage personal development, but also to broaden and deepen your knowledge and perspectives.

Are you ambitious? Do you want to make an impact on society? Are you willing to go the extra mile? Are you exceptionally motivated and able to motivate and mobilise others? You are? Then it’s you we are looking for!

Research Honours

If you have a strong affinity with research and want to (further) develop your research skills, the Research Honours programme may be just what you are looking for. This individually tailored extra-curricular track offers additional theoretical and practical knowledge through extra courses, training and meetings. You will be guided in this process by the University of Twente researchers in your field of interest.