Do you have research affinity and wish to (further) develop your researcher skills?

The Master Research Honours may be just what you are looking for. This individually tailored, extra-curricular track offers you additional knowledge and skills in the areas of research management, research publishment, and (PhD) research proposal development. Through extra courses, training, and meetings, the program supports excellent UT master students that are in their graduation phase to develop knowledge and skills in the area of academic research.

Throughout the programme, students participate in a number of workshops and courses. One goal of these workshops is to improve academic writing style alongside other practicalities. Another goal is to learn more about the structure of science, how it is perceived, and aspects regarding publishing.

Important dates

Are you interested in joining the Master Research Honours? Keep these dates in mind:

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prof.dr. B.J.R. van der Meulen (Barend)
Coordinator Master Research Honours
dr. A.M. Dijkstra (Anne)
Coordinator Master Research Honours