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Technical Medicine offers a unique interdisciplinary programme, linking science and technology with clinical practice and with the professional procedures involved in medicine. Technical Physicians have a thorough understanding of the functioning of the human body. Combining this with an equally thorough understanding of medical technology and professional procedures, they create and apply new solutions for technical-medical problems in direct patient care. Their goal is to devise new, better and safe diagnostics and therapies. Find out more about the pre-master's programme and the factsheet for this programme.


The Master’s in Technical Medicine is a three-year programme worth 180 European Credits. The programme is taught in Dutch and leads to a Master of Science (MSc) degree. The Master’s offers two specializations:

Students of the Technical Medicine program can also participate in the honours programmes of the University of Twente.

First year

The first year of the Master’s is dedicated to advanced technological topics. You will also further develop your medical and professional acumen and skills at our Simulation & Training Centre

Second year

The second year is devoted to four clinical internships (rotations) of three months, each in various hospital departments. During these rotations, you will enhance your technical-medical expertise and learn to solve technical-medical problems. You will apply your expertise to clinical situations and take appropriate actions for individual patients.

Third year

The third year is all about your Master’s thesis. You will demonstrate your ability to function in a clinical department in a hospital at an academic, technical-medical level, and you will apply your skills in applied scientific research and daily medical practice within your chosen specialization.

Insight by simulated reality

The Simulation & Training Centre plays a crucial role in the education of students of Technical Medicine at UT. It offers a professional, safe learning environment that simulates actual medical practice with the aid of state-of-the-art technology. In this environment,  students are educated in a way that they develop a thorough insight into the use of technology in patient care and develop their personal skills sets. Working at the simulation centre, you will develop a keen risk awareness and be trained to create the safest possible solutions. The centre will also help you gain profound insight into the interrelated functions of the human body. This vital insight will help you to diagnose, conduct interventions and find innovative ‘technical-medicine’ solutions to complex patient problems. For example, in the centre's Intensive Care Units and in the Operating Theatre, students are confronted with medical problems that they must solve, often supervised by professionals. This approach to education aiming at the creation of ‘real insight’ differs strongly from the approach common to most medical skills labs.

Admission requirements

Technical Medicine is open to students with a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Medicine ('Technische Geneeskunde' or 'Klinische Technologie'). Students with a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study who possess similar competencies may be considered for admission after first completing a pre-Master’s programme.

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