The Master's programme Psychology has five specializations. Four of the specializations are taught in English, one is taught in Dutch. 

Human factors & engineering psychology 

This English taught specialization emphasizes interaction between people and technology. You will learn how to design or improve technological applications using your knowledge of cognitive psychology. More information about Human Factors and Engineering Psychology.

Conflict, risk and safety 

This English taught specialization focuses on threats to psychological, physical or community safety and security. You will design application-oriented interventions with an emphasis on new technologies. More information about Conflict, Risk and Safety.

Health psychology & technology

Health Psychology & Technology (taught in English) tells all about the interaction between the psyche and health. You will study potential avenues of promoting healthy behaviour and for improving the quality of life of those who are ill. More information about Health Psychology & Technology

Learning sciences

This English taught specialization concentrates on learning and instructional design. The courses draw attention to student characteristics, contexts of use, objectives, learning processes, instructional design guidelines, and assessment. Most of the work that we do includes a technology component (e.g., game, simulation, video). More information about Learning Sciences

Positive psychology and technology

Clinical Psychology

This specialization is taught in Dutch for Dutch students only. Information about the MSc programme Psychology is only available in Dutch. Go to the Dutch website.

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