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Specialisation Human Factors and Engineering Psychology

In a world of increasingly rapid technological innovation, we need individuals who understand how people interact with technology. How can we ensure that smartphones, cars, and robots are user-friendly and safe? What makes systems intelligent and what makes people trust them? And what can developers of artificial systems learn from human cognition in the first place? In this specialization, you will start answering these questions, and develop solutions. This track is chosen by students with an interest in both the human psyche and modern technology. 

At the UT, we believe that technical systems must always serve people, not vice versa. You will not build technical systems, but you will develop guidelines for systems using theories from cognitive psychology. So, you might analyze how insight in human cognitive limitations help optimizing factories, commercial websites, and transport vehicles. This track will give you vital insight into technology and its integration in society, making you a valuable asset for any forward-thinking company.

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