People learn throughout their lives: individually, with others, at school or university, at work, and beyond. With new technologies that change all aspects of life, we are constantly looking at how to improve the educational process, pursuing a streamlined 21st-century way of (lifelong) learning.

With this specialization, you will be equipped to optimize and redesign instructional materials for various objectives, diverse audiences, and different contexts. This specialization, offered by our Department of Instructional Technology (IST), is one-of-a-kind in the Netherlands: it is the only programme that connects psychological insights on learning with guidelines for the instructional design of lessons, courses, learning arrangements and environments, while giving technology a central place. This course will teach you to conduct problem analyses, design prototypes, and evaluate designs.  After graduating, you will have numerous options open to you as a 21st -century Learning Sciences psychologist.

This mastertrack consists of four obligatory courses (20EC) and one elective course (5EC). The track will be completed with a Master Thesis and Internship (35EC). The Internship (10EC) is optional.  When an Internship is possible the student conducts a Master Thesis of 25EC. When a student does not go on an Internship a Master Thesis of 35EC is conducted.


Semester 1

Semester 2

Quartile 1A

Quartile 1B

Quartile 2A

Quartile 2B

5 EC

Positive Education

5 EC

Adaptivity in Learning and Instruction


5 EC

Innovative technology-based environments


5 EC

Learning and Instruction

35 EC

Master Thesis and (if applicable) Internship


5 EC

Elective Course 1 out of 4:

- Risk and Leadership in Societal and Technological Contexts

- Cognition and Technical Systems: Intelligent systems

- Design of Persuasive Health Technology

- Designing Learning & Performance Support *This elective can't be chosen by students who start their study in February. 

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