This English-taught Master’s programme takes one year (full-time), and, upon graduation, leads to the title of Master of Science (MSc). If you completed our Bachelor’s programme Psychology you will have direct access to this Master’s programme.

Two semesters

The Master’s programme is split into two semesters, with both consisting of an eight-week teaching block, and a two-week examination block. You have to take 60 European credits (1 EC corresponds with 28 hours of study) within the programme. The nominal study load is 15 EC per block, with some flexibility. The exact range of specialisation courses, and the blocks in which courses are offered, may vary per academic year.

The study programme also offers elective space. This gives you the opportunity to specialise and explore pathways to becoming the psychological professional you want to be. These are the basic components of the programme:

  • Four obligatory courses (20EC), specific to each specialisation
  • One-elective course (5EC), specific to each specialisation
  • A Master’s thesis and Internship (35EC) (if you opt for an internship (10EC), your Master’s thesis will take up 25 EC)

Each specialisation has its own distinct module list, highlighted in the following section.

The specialisations offered are:

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