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Master's programme Internet Science & Technology

Internet Science & Technology will continue as a specialization of Computer Science

As of February 2020, this programme will be part of the Computer Science Master's programme. Internet Science & Technology is currently already available as a specialization in Computer Science and we encourage you to apply for Internet Science & Technology on the Computer Science website.

Study Internet Science & Technology and you will learn from world-leading experts how to build, maintain, secure and improve interactive intelligent systems. This specialized programme is one of very few of its kind in the whole world.

Programme overview

Master’s degree in Internet Science and Technology
Certification: MSc
2 years
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
English taught
Starting date
1 February 2020
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme

Internet Science & Technology

Do you want to set to work as a cyber-architect helping self-driving cars and traffic systems to communicate safely and effectively? Or as an Internet security specialist, devising ways of detecting botnets before they cause damage? Or do see yourself building a 'Trusted Internet' system that stays up and running under the heaviest cyber-attacks?

Internet Science & Technology will equip you to become a creative expert at understanding, maintaining, securing and developing communication systems and cyber-physical systems. Think, for example, of 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi or other wireless networks, the 'cloud', Internet of Things (IoT) systems or ad-hoc networks – such as the constantly changing networks between autonomous vehicles or an emergency network in a disaster area.

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