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The English taught Master’s in Interaction Technology is a two-year programme worth 120 credits. You are welcome to enrol in this programme with a Bachelor’s in Creative Technology, Computer Science, Business Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence or another relevant qualification. Please be aware that additional conditions for admission may apply in some cases.

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What do we mean by interaction technology?

Interaction Technology combines knowledge, technical expertise and skills from a range of disciplines with a view to creating intelligent interactive systems that automatically respond to a user’s emotions and social cues and make appropriate decisions on what action to take. You will master the design of complex, multi-modal interfaces and examine the human factors of media and their interfaces. Subjects include natural language processing, virtual agents, ambient entertainment, social robotics and artificial intelligence.

Our students work on challenging research and design questions:
  • How can Google Translate be improved?
  • Can we create humanoid robots that we can talk to and interact with?
  • What is the best way to design a website for children?
  • Can we develop a computer that understands our emotions?
  • How might we create a bar that provides entertainment for the customers gathered around it, producing an inclusive, shared social experience?
  • How can we design an interactive storyteller, a tangible interface that can create children’s stories?
  • Is it possible to develop a game we can control with our mind?


The application domains for interaction technology are numerous and growing all the time. Some examples:

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