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Interaction technology 

Are you interested in joining the Master’s in Interaction Technology after you have obtained your bachelor’s? If so, you may be required to complete a pre-master’s first.

What is a pre-Master's?

The pre-master's is a transfer and bridging programme for higher professional education (‘HBO’ in Dutch) or university education bachelor's students who wish to obtain a university master's, but who cannot be admitted directly due to the prior knowledge requirements. Once you have successfully completed our pre-master's, you will be granted admission to the Master’s in Interaction technology. There are two enrolment moments per academic year: September and February.

Pre-master's goal

The pre-master’s goal is to prepare you for the Master’s in Interaction Technology. Also, it is a way to find out whether the programme Interaction Technology is the right study for you. Furthermore, the pre-master gives a good indication of the entrance level of our engineering programme, which means that you can verify if you can handle the level and study pace. You will be taught various scientific skills and your skills in mathematics will be improved. Depending on your prior knowledge, you will also attend courses related to Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). If you manage to successfully complete the pre-master’s within one year, you will be able to enroll in the Master's of Interation Technology. After obtaining your master’s, you will be an engineer capable of creating impact by envisioning, designing and evaluating cutting edge technology that takes into account the complexity of human lives and environments.

Start Date

The pre-master's starts every February and September. After finishing you can directly enter the master's. Students doing their pre-master’s as part of their University of Applied Sciences degree (transfer minor/'Kies op maat') can enter the master’s in February or September after finishing their University of Applied Sciences bachelor's. 

Whether you are a University of Applied Sciences student or a university student, you can start the pre-master's during your bachelor's as a minor or after obtaining your bachelor’s. For more advice about your starting moment, you can contact the programme coordinator of Interaction Technology Josca van Houwelingen.


The study load, or number of EC, that the pre-master’s consists of, will not be the same for everyone. The pre-master’s of Interaction Technology for Dutch university students range between 10-30 credits taking into account your previous knowledge and the amount of credits you need to fulfill for your minor. The full 30 credits equal a fulltime study programme of one semester. The programme admission committee will determine which courses become part of the (transfer) minor after your application has been received. This means that (one or more of) the following topics will be included in the programme:

Be sure to inquire after the possibilities of making the pre-master's the minor of your university bachelor's.


The (pre)-master's is in English as is the required literature.


The pre-master’s is designed for students who have the motivation and capacities to obtain an academic degree from an English-taught Master’s in Interaction Technology. Your eligibility for admission to the Pre-Master's in Interaction Technology depends on your previous education. The University of Twente assumes that students who start this transfer minor possess sufficient prior knowledge in mathematics (preferably Wiskunde B on so-called VWO-level) and that they are sufficiently proficient in English (benchmark score in this regard: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80). Students are supposed to assess themselves whether their competencies in this respect match with the recommended levels. Additional knowledge can be obtained by e.g. Babel en Boswell Bèta or Open Universiteit (or for Saxion students by following a preparatory course in math at Saxion). Check the transfer matrix to see which master’s are accessible with your bachelor’s or contact the pre-master’s coordinator.

Considering the programme of the minor you may realise that these requirements are related firmly to its contents: if you don’t meet the requirements, your chances of finishing the minor programme are low.

Transfer minor students also must have obtained all study credits from the first and second year of their bachelor's. Students with an international bachelor’s can only apply for the master’s directly and do not have the option of participating in a pre-master's. 

More information on admission

Rules of the pre-Master’s 

The pre-master’s is designed not only to address any deficiencies in your prior knowledge, but it is also an effective way to find out whether studying at a research university is right for you. To this end, in the pre-master's several rules are applicable. There is, for example, limited time in which you have to complete the pre-master's. You also have to earn sufficient marks with a maximum of one re-sit per course. That said, in practice almost all motivated students complete the programme in the allotted time. Moreover, support is provided for all sorts of study-related and personal matters.

Pre-master Application route

The application process for the pre-master's depends on your personal situation (application during or after your bachelor's) and your previous education (e.g. university of applied sciences or university background).

Keep an eye on the application deadlines and check them prior to your application (pre-master and master deadlines are most of the time identical). However, the deadline for university of applied sciences (HBO) students depends on the route you chose. For a pre-master's during an HBO bachelor's – the so-called transfer minor – the deadline is earlier than the deadline for a pre-master's after the hbo programme.

For more information about the application route check this website


For general information, please contact our Study Information Desk. For specific questions regarding the pre-master's of Interaction Technology and more advise about the content of your programme you can contact the programme coordinator of Interaction Technology. 

More info

More information about the content of our (Pre-)Master's Interaction Technology and our Interaction Technology community you will find here.

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